How Much Is a Orion Bar 7500?


In the world of vaping, Lost Vape has established itself as a prominent brand known for delivering high-quality devices. One of their notable offerings is the Lost Vape Orion BAR 7000, which promises an impressive 7500 puffs. But how much does this device cost, and is it worth the investment? In this article, we will delve into the features, performance, and value of the Lost Vape Orion BAR, providing insights into its price point and overall vaping experience.

1. Overview of Lost Vape Orion BAR Disposable Vape

Lost Vape Orion BAR 7000 is a sleek and convenient vaping device that comes prefilled with 18mL of eJuice. It boasts an impressive longevity of 7500 puffs, making it a viable option for vapers who value extended usage without the need for refills or recharging. This disposable vape device is designed to provide a hassle-free and satisfying vaping experience, ideal for both newcomers and experienced vapers alike.

Orion Bar 7500

2. Key Features and Specifications

The Lost Vape Orion BAR 7000e offers several notable features and specifications, ensuring a quality vaping experience:

  • Prefilled Capacity: With a generous prefilled capacity of 18mL, the Orion BAR ensures you have an ample supply of eJuice to enjoy without the need for frequent refills.
  • Nicotine Concentration: The eJuice in the Orion BAR is infused with a 5% nicotine concentration, delivering a satisfying hit for those who prefer a higher nicotine level.
  • Puff Longevity: Boasting an impressive 7500 puffs, this disposable vape device provides a prolonged vaping experience, minimizing the need for replacements or recharging.
  • Portable and Compact Design: The sleek and compact design of the Orion BAR makes it highly portable and easy to carry around, allowing you to enjoy your vape on the go.

3. Performance and Vaping Experience

The Lost Vape Orion BAR 7000 offers a user-friendly and reliable vaping experience. Its draw-activated mechanism eliminates the need for buttons or complex settings, making it incredibly easy to use. The device produces smooth and flavorful vapor, thanks to its high-quality coil and well-engineered airflow system. The 5% nicotine concentration ensures a satisfying throat hit, providing a satisfying experience for vapers who seek a stronger nicotine sensation.

4. Understanding the Price Point

The price of the Lost Vape Orion BAR 7000 can vary depending on several factors such as location, vendor, and availability. On average, you can expect to find the Orion BAR priced around $13. However, it’s important to note that prices may fluctuate, so it’s recommended to check with reputable vape shops or online retailers to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Determining whether the Lost Vape Orion BAR 7000 is worth the investment depends on your personal preferences and vaping habits. If you value convenience, portability, and a prolonged vaping experience, the Orion BAR is an excellent choice. Its high puff longevity and satisfying vaping performance make it a viable option for individuals who prefer disposable vape devices. However, if you prefer customizable settings, replaceable coils, and a more long-term investment, you may want to explore other options within Lost Vape’s range of products.

5. Conclusion

The Lost Vape Orion BAR 7000 offers an impressive vaping experience with its extended puff longevity and user-friendly design. Priced around $13, it provides good value for those seeking a convenient and hassle-free vaping solution. However, it’s important to evaluate your own vaping preferences and needs to determine if the Orion BAR aligns with your expectations. Remember to always consider your budget, desired features, and the overall vaping experience you seek before making a purchasing decision.

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